Disney CEP: Background Check and Health Insurance

So it’s been a long while since I last posted. After the excitement of being accepted calmed down it was back to working ridiculous hours (which have since become even more crazy with Christmas looming) in attempt to save as much money as possible before I’m off for Disney. It hasn’t been a cheap process thus far and I haven’t even left Australian territory!

Since accepting my offer, I was required to do the following:

Police Background check
Most Australian’s did theirs through the AFP online (http://www.afp.gov.au/en/what-we-do/police-checks/national-police-checks.aspx). It was just the basic name check was required, which cost $42. After uploading your 100 points of identification (passport, drivers licence etc) I received an almost immediate clearance (yay I’m not a criminal!) and a paper statement was issued in the post. Once this was received we were required to scan and email it through to Yummy Jobs, a UK based company who do the Disney recruitment for that side of the world. We were also required to send Yummy Jobs our passport information page and proof of address, be that on a drivers licence, electricity bill, bank statement, really anything that shows that you live where you say you do!

Medical Insurance
Participants are required to purchase health insurance  from HTH Worldwide for the duration of their program as well as any additional time spent in the country prior to and at the end of the program dates. The insurance options are listed here www.hthstudents.com/Disney/ and whilst prices are listed per month, you are required to purchase the full program duration at the one time – don’t worry though you can always add additional insurance if you extend or make a mistake!

There are three options, at $79USD/month, $104.85USD/month and $122.95USD/month. I would recommend you sit down (or have an adult sit down) and read the PDS brochure available online to make an informed decision as to which option best covers your medical needs. Remembering that health care in the US is crazy expensive and nothing like the simple medicare processes we have in Australia, I have decided to go with the middle option at $104.85USD/month (‘Plan Option 3’).

Once you decide on an insurance option, follow the instructions on the website to enrol in your insurance. Make sure to read them. The number of stupid, repetitious questions that are asked on the facebook group about the insurance is driving me nuts. Once processed you will then receive an email telling to you register on the HTH website.  Once again, please read everything it says. When finalised, you’ll need to print off an ‘ID card’ with your details on it – keep this in a safe spot.

Congrats you’re now moderately covered for health insurance should you require medical assistance in the US! Many program alumni and current participants have chimed in to say the insurance isn’t widely accepted so some are also purchasing additional travel insurance for the program. I plan on getting travel insurance up until check in, but it’s really up to the individual!

This bad boy and the process is getting its own post! Stay tuned!


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